Our Story

Luna Cay began as an idea to simplify one of the 162,984 tasks parents face on an ongoing basis.

Babies live in sleepers—and it’s no surprise they’ve turned getting them dirty into an Olympic sport. As a mom, I was constantly buying onesies because my girls were quickly outgrowing them and before I knew it their toes would be poking through. Plus, it was important to me to find babywear that was kinder to the world they’d be growing up in.

Luna Cay was my way of fulfilling my own mom-fantasy and designing an easier way for parents to get high-quality sleepers, just before their baby outgrew their last set. Sleepers that would become treasured classics and follow their baby through each of their milestone birthdays, so they’d never have to leave behind a favourite colour or fit.

The reality is, between ducking projectile spit up and being on diaper duty 24/7, you’re lucky to find five minutes to shower. Luna Cay gives you one less thing to worry about. Free up that brainspace for those rare adult conversations you live for and get peace of mind knowing you’re putting your baby in a sleeper they’ll love as much as you do.

Better for your baby and the planet

Luna Cay baby sleepers are made of a buttery soft combination of sustainable Bamboo from Rayon and stretchable Spandex, so they’re naturally hypoallergenic and more absorbent for a cozier fit and better temperature control.

The fibre is naturally smooth and grown without the use of harmful chemicals, meaning it’s safer for your baby’s sensitive skin. Breathable bamboo also helps to reduce bacteria that can cause unpleasant odours. Because let’s be honest, they’ve already got that covered without any extra help.

From packaging you can upcycle into baby keepsake storage to garments that arrive to us (and you) plastic-bag-free. With ethical manufacturing standards, we’re committed to creating high-quality garments that have a smaller impact on the planet we’re leaving behind to our little ones.

Proudly Canadian

Our brand is Canadian owned and operated. We’re proud to support companies who believe in living wages, safe working environments, and sustainable manufacturing.

Our Founder

Ashley Malone

After having my girls, it was a constant struggle to keep stocked up on essentials like sleepers, especially with my newly acquired mom brain. Before I knew it, their toes would be poking out, and I’d be rush-shipping sleepers only to find my favourite colours or styles were out of stock.

Luna Cay was inspired by a gap I noticed in the marketplace: a baby sleepwear line that promised quality, safety and sustainability without compromise—in a convenient, set-it-and-forget-it subscription format that delivered the right size, at the right time.

I’m now bringing my experience as a Creative Director and mom to developing a sustainable clothing business that puts parents first, with sleepwear that keeps babies comfier and makes parenthood easier.

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